Welcome to Kennebec Drifters Guide Service

Our goal is to introduce people to the beauty of the State of Maine, and to provide a safe, enjoyable outdoor experience. While we provide guiding services primarily to fishermen, we also offer guided nature hikes, family friendly camping trips and extended trips from 2-14 days. Canoeing or drifting on the upper and middle Kennebec river provides opportunities to observe many of Maine's greatest natural treasures including moose, deer, osprey and the mighty bald eagle.

For those of you who do fish, the technical waters of the Kennebec, Dead and Sandy Rivers provide ample opportunity to test your wits and patience with hungry browns, picky rainbows and feisty landlocked salmon. Or you can spend a day on a remote pond chasing some of America's last wild brook trout. There is also phenomenal smallmouth bass fishing on the lower stretches of the Kennebec, as well as in many of the local lakes and ponds.

  My Philosophy

As a long time fisherman, I have become extremely aware of the delicate state of our native fisheries. In order to keep this sport alive for future generations, I ask that all clients follow a strict Catch and Release Policy for all Trout and Salmonids.

“A fish is too valuable to be caught only once.” - Lee Wulff
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